Ethiopia’s frantic efforts to seek justice on accessing its Nile Waters

It is to be recalled that on Dec 26, 2019 Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation declared that Egypt will not change its position what so ever. This statement is released by Al Ahram, a government newspaper. This indicates that for Egypt the last meeting planned in Ethiopia on the 9th – 10th Jan 2020 (This Week) is more of ceremonial nature, to claim that they have exhausted all scheduled four meetings. Egypt wants Ethiopia to accept the release of Natural Flow of the Blue Nile during the long term operation, and 40BCM during the filling. Agreeing to release natural flow during the operation of the GERD is as good as accepting the colonial era agreements and amounts to compromising the sovereign right of Ethiopia over its water resources.

Wazema Radio inquired senior policy expert familiar with the issue to explain concerns among Ethiopian negotiators. DOWNLOAD short PDF version HERE

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