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እጅ ከፍንጅ—-አቶ ሬድዋን ሁሴን የመንግስት ቃል አቀባይ

June 26, 2015 3

Redwan Hussein


አቶ ሬድዋን ሁሴን የመንግስት ቃል አቀባይ ናቸው። በዚህ ሀላፊነት የሚቀመጥ ሰው ለሀገሪቱ ክብር የሚመጥን ግብረ ገብነትና ዕውቀት ቢኖረው መልካም ነበረ። ባለስልጣኑ የአሜሪካ ሚዲያን አስመልክቶ ፈፅሞ የተሳሳተና ጥራዝ ነጠቅ መረጃ በአደባባይ ሲናገሩ ሰማንና እንዲህ አልናቸው። ያድምጡት፡፡


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  1. Kibruyesfa June 26, 2015 at 4:14 pm

    Dear Wazemas
    It happened to be my first comment of my first visit to your site.
    I want to seize this opportunity that the guys at the then Addis Neger gazette were almost a break through for our (at least for me) knowledge based journalism. The flee of those journalist is one of my sad days. And I appreciate your effort and enthusiasm to keep us informed and help us think critically .
    I heard your commentaries and Redwan Hussien’s speech on American media and I would like to put my comment as follows.
    It has taken me some time to relocate my paradigm towards USA after researching about it. Primarily I was interested in food companies and associated public health problems. But in the meantime I just found out that America is the least democratic nation over the world. It is hard to say this boldly. Because America is in the first place known for its free speech, media, democracy…. But I bet you it is fairy tale. I am not backing Mr Redwan’s idea because he misused it for his political benefit. Let me put mine ones this way.
    I am not sure how much influential are your “communal” medias. But the big ones are owned by 6 multinational corporates (visit the links attached below).
    To make my point clear
    1 – America is the worst place for whistle blowers though laws are in place. NSA surveillance has nothing to do with national security. Many evidences.
    2 – If you have community benefiting cause which conflicts with corporate interests, those mainstream medias very often refuse to give coverage.
    3 – The American people is taken away with the reality tvs and getting dumb (sorry to say this). The American youth are the worst in their academic performance when compared with other advanced nations.
    3 – American people are highly diseased, high child mortality, low life expectancy…. compared with European nations.
    4 – Haven’t you heard Ethiopian HUGE “charity” to Clinton foundation? What does that tell you? you can even think a while about their fund raising system for candidates’ election. What doe it tell you? Does political lobbying work there?
    5- The FDA, big pharmas and food industries like MONSANTO seem to have a special relationship. They work on scratch my back scratch your back basis.
    6 – America and papua guinea are the only countries who doesn’t give (Or few days) paid vacation for women who give birth. (I do not accept this in the name of capitalism. This is anti democracy or nature)
    7 – Let me remind you about the systemic racism which is confirmed by the American attorney of general and police brutality towards africa americans. BTW 66.6% of black teenagers are in prison.
    8 – Read about TPP which has passed in a “fast track”
    9 – What do you think about the two monarch families (Bush and Clinton) in the white house
    10- What do you say about the wealth gap? Isn’t it part of democracy?
    These are some but major ones which are not conspiracy anymore. So I would kindly urge you to see everything critically rather than washed by the common stories.
    For me both America and Redwan are wrong. I think EPRDF has got the point and adopting some harsh techniques implemented by USA.
    All the people everywhere deserve to own the their country and should exercise freedom and free speech freely.

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    Warm greetings

  2. temesgen June 26, 2015 at 8:57 pm


  3. soul ayele July 12, 2015 at 1:42 pm

    i think what mr redwan described was the results of capitalism. As far as you are rich you can bend and go around the rule as you like which is virtually unavoidable in the capitalist system. That is one thing. But using state resourses and establishment to purposely go down in dessent is another. Using America’s capitalism flaws to justify his government’s autocratic character is just a whole new level of ignorance on his side.


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